The larger your web site gets, the more intricate e–mail account management gets. And this is when you’re able to take benefit from our fully featured Mail Account Manager. It arrives with all of the features you will need if you want to get in command of your e–mail accounts, and it is provided with a simple to use user interface. With a couple of clicks you are able to configure e–mail forwarding, generate an e–mail auto–reply, configure anti–spam security, and many more. Just scroll down to find out everything that the Mail Account Manager will offer you!


Intended to keep spam far from you

Nobody wants junk e–mail within his e–mail account. Which is why, we’ve launched a customizable anti–spam solution dependant on properly designed techniques that sort incoming electronic mail and keep the trash away.

You can pick between several levels of safety, determined by what type of junk messages you receive. Moreover, you’ll be able to indicate a special level of spam protection for different mail accounts. Lastly, you may choose what occurs to e–mails flagged as spam – to be erased or sent to a certain email address.

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Email Forwarding

1–click re–direction of email messages

With the help of the Email forwarding tool, you’re able to reroute each of the e–mails addressed at a mailbox to an alternative mailbox of your choosing (possibly hosted inside the same hosting account or some other place on the web).

To forward an email, simply choose it from the drop–down selection after which designate the e–mail address you’d like to have all forwarded messages to be delivered to. After that, you’re provided with the choice to pick whether or not you’ll need a duplicate of every message to be saved in the mailbox you forward or not.

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Email Filters

Create unique spam filters with no trouble

Email filters are really a tool you can easily make use of. They operate in a quite simple way based on key terms. Everything you should complete is just define the key words that you like the filter to make use of and exactly which section of the mailbox all these keywords and phrases have to be located in for example subject line, message body, footer, etcetera.

One way you can employ e–mail filters will be to divert all of the junk mail messages to a particular directory. Then you could likewise identify if you wish the filtered e–mail messages to be held in the directory (meaning you can determine if some message is sent there by accident), or to be erased.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys as well as SPF protection for one’s email address

We have applied procedures to additionally guard all your mailboxes from junk e–mail activities. Through the SPF protection service you can designate the servers which are approved to deliver mail on the part of your web address. This way, email messages appearing like they are out of your website that did not originated from your authorized list of machines are going to be quickly placed to the spam directory.

We’ve at the same time enabled DomainKeys for all your mail accounts in your website hosting account. DomainKeys is an e–mail certification system that establishes the validity of an e–mail message by confirming the mail server of the email sender and also the message integrity.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

Set up a mailbox on your personal computer with a click

If you check your e–mail trough your laptop or desktop machine, you almost certainly work with an email client. To save you the hassle of having to personally add each and every next e–mail account to your mail client, we’ve added intelligent ’auto–configure’ files. Just download the file and open it with the mail application – this will instantly create your a mailbox in your preferred desktop client.

We have auto–configure files for: Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook plus Outlook Express.

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Check your e–mail account from anywhere

By making use of webmail, you can go through your mail trough any desktop or laptop, from any location. All things are done through a web browser, so it is not necessary to have a mail client configured within your device. Just use the web address that we give you to log in your e–mail account from any web–connected gadget.

Also you can log into your e–mail account with only a mouse–click within the Webmail section of Grab Bag Hosting’s Online Control Panel. All you have to do is select an email address and then click on the webmail client image to get into it. You don’t have to provide any email login credentials.

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